well hello!!! im back at home (obviously) and have had ZERO computer access. except for now, and when E let me use her comp that one day.
jackass SUCKED ASS. we left early. it was dumb. and .. just horrible. hugest waste of money.
brother had to have ANOTHER surgery on the day he was supposed to go home. they had to do it again because the screws came loose. so he was in the hospital for c-mas today. he'll be out in a couple of days. then we'll open our presents with mom. my brother didnt wanna do it in the hospital so im waiting to do mine too. dad and i took all of the presents up and we opened presents from dad at the hospital. it was cool. got many fun things.
work is going well. got a raise! :D
shouldve worked yesterday but i suck and didnt go in. i should work tomorrow too.. but .. yea. i dont know. maybe.
im really full. i just ate some meatballs and then had some pecan pie. STUFFED. i wasnt even that hungry to begin with. mom made pecan pie for the first time, and nailed it. its sooooo good.
IT SNOWED 8 INCHES LAST NITE. we had zero snow, then WHAM! we got 8 inches dumped on us last nite. insane. was really fun driving today. sha. not.
saw A today for the first time in 2 weeks. he came to the hospital and visited me (and my brother too!) he was sad to leave. it was so sweet.
im gonna go to the bathroom and get ready to leave. moms getting ready for bed.
gosh im stuffed. *barf*
Merry Christmas!!


going to see JACKASS!! LIVE! tonite!! then going back home for c-mas. brother is having back surgery monday morning. i should be starting work on tue or wed. .. or thurs. but sometime that week i'll be working back at the 'ole job.
i've got so much stuff packed. clothes mostly. cant wear jeans at work. cleaning all day. not fun.
anyway!! BYE!


9 minutes and counting..

its almost time for ER!!!!!
so.. instead of sunday, im going back on saturday. which is.. ((ultra cool)).


do wop do wop
ok, so i had a B+ in my math class. had. after getting a whopping 68% on the final, my grade is a C+.
i got an effin C+.
SO not happy.
not one bit.
la la la


Procrastination is like masturbation. They're both fun until you realize you're just fucking yourself.
stick THAT in your back pocket.


the sun the sun! oh how i've missed thee!!!
Lizardrose123: i think i just broke my adventure
facetothesky: ?
Lizardrose123: LOL!!!!!!!!
Lizardrose123: i meant ankle
Lizardrose123: L O L
Lizardrose123: i was listening to the tv
'is he breathing?'
'hell no. but he's hung like a stallion.'


S has SO much work and a huge paper to do.. rather than an exam in one of her classes.. and i dont have much at all.
i feel bad..
and i dont. ;D


i got him the BEST christmas present ever!!
ok, maybe not the best ever, .. but that boy is going to SHIT HIS PANTS when he opens it. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! i cant wait!!!!


so, i have a date tomorrow nite. a movie date with one A. i do believe we will be enjoying 'the shining'.
cripes im tired.
i think im gonna get a shower now.
ER tonite!!!
due to the fact that you had to have a drivers license or a passport, and the fact that i had a class immediately following, i have to wait until tomorrow and walk my happy butt cleeeeeeeeeear over to student services and THEN get the results of my test.
i honestly dont know how i did. if i passed it'll be just barely i think. yes. so im hungry. im gonna find something to eat.


im done im done im done!!!!

now to stress about other things..


tomorrow is my last day of writing!!!!!! . . . . unless i have to retake the class... but. yea. i wont. so.. tomorrow's my last day!!! IM SO HAPPY you dont even know.
then wed next week from 8-10 i have my math exam. and thurs from 4-6 i have my hist exam. yes yes yes. so excited that this sem is almost over!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
but then there's next sem..... :sigh: lol i hope its not that bad. i HATE writing papers. and i hate doing presentations. i havent had any presentations this sem. so .. i hate them and never want to do them. ever.
tee hee hee! now its off to bed!
im oh so very tired.
i have so much stuff to do this week. and next. but mainly this week. wed is my last day in writing and i have to hand in my portfolio. some people handed theirs in today. not me.
i have the math placement test thursday. that will determine whether i have to take 110 or not. hopefully NOT.
i have a math test tomorrow over chapters 7 and 8.
not to mention my finals in math and world civ. next week.
BUT! on a brighter note: the boy and i are getting along.. i know i know. write it down. its amazing.